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Mission and values

At Kenmore South State School our vision is to "develop young minds for understanding and success."


We believe that education develops the whole child emotionally, socially, intellectually, physically, artistically, morally and spiritually, and is a lifelong activity. The belief that all children learn at a different rate and in different ways informs all educational practices.  Children’s experiences at school should encourage independence, a respect for others, cooperation, initiative, self-discipline, self-esteem, adaptability as well as enthusiasm, curiosity and imagination.

At Kenmore South State School, the experiences at school should develop in children a respect for humanity and for their environment. However, the school is but one of the social agencies involved in the education of the child.

Kenmore South State School is committed to: 
  • promoting the best interests of students
  • providing the best we can
  • accepting personal accountability
The pedagogical approach to teaching and learning that Kenmore South State School uses is the Explicit Model of Teaching. Kenmore South State School prides itself on its partnership between Instructional Leadership, our Pedagogical Framework and high community expectations.  At the heart of our school is our positive approach to learning, encouraging students to actively engage in the learning process throughout the teaching domains. Children, teachers and parents are partners in the learning process. The joy of learning flourishes in an atmosphere of trust, sharing and caring.