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​Welcome back to Year 1 and Prep from the 11th May.

We are asking families to respectfully refrain from being on our school premises unless it is for an emergency matter or safety concern.  

Our school is nestled in our community and we therefore have several entrance and exit points on our school grounds. 
  1. Kersley Road - Stop, Drop and Go
  2. Kersley Road - Gate 2 - Pedestrian gate
  3. Strathspey Street
  4. Glencarron Street - Oval
  5. Aberfoyle Street - Bridge Crossing to Oval
We know that each family will have a preferred entrance/ exit point at the school. 

I would ask each family to email their child's teacher and let them know which entrance/exit point you use for your child/children to meet you at.

This will assist our staff as we support our students transitioning safely to in and out of our school grounds. 

The Leadership Team and Staff members will be assisting families by monitoring the entrance areas from 8:30am each morning allowing a window of 30 minutes for students to arrive at school.  On arrival at the school gate, please give your child their bag a hug and kiss and wish them well for a great day.  We will assist the children to move to the Tiger Turf area or their classrooms depending on the time of arrival.

In the afternoon we will stagger the Prep Students departure to allow for social distancing.  We will also support our year 1 students to meet with their families at school exit points.  
  • Prep B and Prep C to be collected from 2:45pm at their designated gate
  • Prep A and Prep D to be collected from 3pm at their designated gate
If your child is being collected from Kersley Road they will be escorted by our staff to this area and supervised until collected from 2:45pm.

If you use Glencarron Street gate or Aberfoyle Street,  please discuss with your child about heading across the oval to the staff member in the fluro vest who will be standing near OSHC at the stairs to greet and support those students in the morning. Students heading to this gate in the afternoon will also be supervised, we will organise a staff member to walk them to that area.    

For families who access OSHC, please continue to follow their protocols for drop off and pick up. 
The school processes will be in place for the times when the majority of our students arrive and depart from our school.

Students will engage in regular effective hand washing and hygiene protocols, including regularly washing hands with soap and water or using hand sanitiser throughout the day.  We have increased cleaning frequencies of high-touch surfaces across our school as well.

We understand that this will be a different start to the school day for our students, our staff will be there to support them.  We appreciate your continued support to keep our students, staff and families safe.
Kind regards,

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Last reviewed 08 May 2020
Last updated 08 May 2020