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 Welcome back to Term 3. Our students and teachers have started with a great burst of enthusiasm as they have engaged with the curriculum in their units and have commenced producing some excellent work.
It has been one year since I commenced my
role here at Kenmore South and I can hardly
believe how quickly the time has flown by. I am really pleased with what we have been able to achieve over the past twelve months. Many thanks to our wonderful staff for their
engagement with all aspects of the Australian Curriculum and with the ongoing changes that have occurred, ensuring alignment with Education Queensland’s expectations. Thanks
must also go to the P&C for their continued provision of resources to support the learning in our classrooms.
As a school community we should be very proud of what we have been able to provide in the classroom so that our students can be successful. As a school we prioritised our
2017 grant to employ extra staff. These staff include an extra Upper School Teacher, Speech Therapists, Pedagogy Coach
to support our new and beginning teachers, Library staff to support our Teacher Librarian, extra Literacy and Numeracy support – Teacher Aides and Teacher time based on our data to support our students’ learning in both intervention and extension programs. We continue to evaluate the responsiveness of our programs and allocate funds as necessary.
Our teachers have spent much time learning about and working on embedding the Australian Curriculum into our programs, ensuring that we are addressing all areas of the curriculum in
our classrooms. Each term we provide our teachers with the opportunity to work as a year level with our Head of Curriculum and this gives our teachers the time to work together, ensuring
consistency in the curriculum to be taught and expectations around assessment. Our year level teams have been producing some fantastic units of work for our students to engage in
learning in their classroom. It has been very important that each child accesses the Australian Curriculum at the point in which they are ready to learn. We are continuing to focus on Writing as our area of improvement and our teachers have been fortunate to have the expertise of their colleagues working together and sharing best practice. We will continue to build and develop our skills in this area throughout 2017. Our lunchtime Author’s Corner has been a great avenue for our students to engage in writing and has been very popular. We are continuing to see great work
produced at a very high standard.
Development of our teachers is an important role in our school, ensuring that they feel supported and that they have the skills and abilities to be the best teachers that they can be. Professional development that our teachers have engaged with has been provided by key members on staff and through the assistance of specialists from Regional Office and OneSchool. Key learnings this year have focused on Writing, Inclusive Practices, Digital Technologies, understanding the elements of
One School and Data Literacies as well as Curriculum Development, Essential Skills for Behaviour Management and First Aid. This training and development, coupled with the wonderful skills and abilities we have across our school, is certainly equipping our teachers as 21st Century educators. I
am impressed with the way in which our staff have engaged and have taken on board this learning.
Our wonderful P&C, coupled with the school, has purchased many resources to enhance the curriculum in the classroom. These include: - marquees, sport team flags, PE equipment,
home readers, class reading sets, timpani drums, 28 laptops, 5 interactive whiteboards, a new Library accession program, seating Year 5&6 area, mini whiteboards, Year 6 Books and
Library resources… so far this year.
Not only have our classrooms and teachers had the opportunity to embrace change, so too our facilities, with the Wireless and Telephone Upgrades nearing completion, the electrical upgrade
completed during our Christmas holidays, the Year 5&6 eating area makeover, sealing under buildings for the safety of all students, fencing and new gates at entrances and around the
school, storage sheds for the Grounds, PE equipment and archives, upgrading of the old toilet block – soon to be senior facilities with a fully ambient toilet, upgrades of a SEP Area designated to support Students with Disabilities, a new Prep facility, Senior playground and Natural Playground area, Hall and National Broadband upgrade. These are all due for completion prior to the end of the 2017 school year. It is an exciting and busy time for us all.
As a community we have lots to look forward to as well as our 50th Anniversary and School Fete coming up on the 5th of August. As always, our achievements have been as a result of the
partnership with have with our families. Thank you for your continued support of our school, our staff and our students.