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EHC Environmental Group News

Today while we ate our lunch in Mrs Lenane’s classroom we talked about mulch. Mulching is an important part of gardening, especially in our climate.  Mulch acts as a kind of blanket for the soil.  It holds water itself and prevents runoff. It provides protection from the sun, keeping the top of the soil from drying out. It prevents weeds popping up which compete with plants for moisture and nutrients. It also keeps the soil temperature constant, and using an organic mulch such as sugar cane means that as it breaks down, more nutrients will be added to the soil. 
We had got most of the weeds out of the long vege bed (it’s too hot still to worry to much about the square bed) so we added three bales of sugar cane today.  We had lots of first timers so it was a new experience for many of our student gardeners. It was good to see them getting in and having a go. 
We also gave Mr Donaghey a hand by sprinkling his new patch of grass with some of our favourite seaweed emulsion.  It will help green up the lawn and help it resist this dry spell.  We only had one watering can for every four gardeners to do it and they all waited patiently for their turn too.  Good on you kids! Off to the hardware store Mrs C.!

Kenmore South will be participating in Clean Up Australia Day this Friday.  Each class has been assigned a part of the school to clean up.  Please bring a pair of gloves from home - rubber, latex or gardening gloves are all good. A big thanks to Mrs Lenane for organising this. 

Cathy Collins/Mrs C. (Parent Volunteer)     Facebook: KSSS EHC Environmental Group

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